The Graveyard (Page 2)

Ray ~ A Ray of Light
Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

This page has a list of my dead projects, each with write-ups — inspiration, personal opinions, et cetera. They are mostly in alphabetical order, and have been split into two pages because of cache-size issues.

Simon’s Timing

Square One

Stellar Cipher

Two Swans

Swanordered Keys



Switchboard Cipher

Tea Brewing

The Black Hole Button

The Diamond

The Die

The Forgetful Button

The Knight’s Tour

This one actually doesn’t look too bad! It’s got an aesthetic that reminds me of 9-Ball [module], although it’s very unfinished. Not sure why it’s in The Graveyard if it looks good. Hmm.

I don’t remember much about it, though, other than it’s based on a series of puzzles from Professor Layton and Pandora’s Box, where you have to navigate a knight across all cells of a chess board.

The Last Door

The Power Panel

The Screen

The Star

The Stone Pillar

The Toy Box

The Xnopyt Realm

Experimented with videos on modules, used a video of Tom Scott decintegrating after saying the word “xnopyt”, tried making a full module out of it, failed. :)

The Zero-Sum Game

pfffffffff hahahaha what is this

Think Fast Revisited

I can’t remember a whole lot about this module. I guess I wanted to make a variant of Think Fast? That’s solvable? Ehhh??

Tipping Point

Trade Offers


Two Bytes

Two Tribes


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