Daily Recap

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This is where I’ll recap what happens, each day, like a mini diary.

FRI / 15th of March, 2024

I am so behind with these :<

Woke up… on time? Unexpected.

Not many people came in today, because of the formal the day before. Only three people in form class.

Triple Computer Science was okay. The teacher asked me how I was getting on, and I managed to bluff that I’m still writing the program, and encountering bugs that I’m taking screenshots of. Phew.

Break was with my usual friend group. Sorta felt ghostly.

Maths was okay, for both teachers I had. Slacked off in Maths study.

Spent lunch with C & M. Again, felt ghostly, like I wasn’t there.

Music, did some composition. Then home. Did some computery… stuff (can’t remember), then walked over to the shopping centre for my autism group, which would be the last that was planned.

Bought a coffee and waited. Nobody showed up. Turns out, I was an hour early. Nice. At least I bumped into one of my friends from my main friend group, with someone else they’re friends with. We hung out for a while, and I met with the autism group at the actual time that was agreed. :P

We went shopping, first. Meh. Then, bowling — played a few of the arcade machines, and had a great time bowling! Helped out the other members, with the ramp thing. Got myself a Pepsi Max. B)

If you’re curious, I got 123 points. Cool number! :D

We then did more shopping. I got a vegetarian footlong from Subway (felt like it), and we went to McDonald’s. I didn’t get anything, it’s not really my thing. Except the wraps. And the fries.

We then did a last bit of shopping, before the day was over, and we all went home. Kinda wanted to go to the MINISO and get a plushie, but it was shut. Sad.

Went home, found myself home alone. Did some voice recording, and got onto a call and said things I wouldn’t say with my family in the house. :}

Then, did some programming to end the day. ’Twas a good day.

THU / 14th of March, 2024

WED / 13th of March, 2024

TUE / 12th of March, 2024

Have been very consistently getting up late =w=

Double Computer Science, in the morning. Did Maths homework that was due period 5 :}

After that, I had a driving lesson. It was unbelievably stressful — I had a panic attack after it. I made two mistakes:

  1. Not indicating / braking before a turn through a red light.
  2. Stalling at traffic lights — forgetting to clutch.

I went to the toilets, to sort out the panic attack. I was sweating profusely. Afterwards, I went to study, and did some site stuff.

Sadly, I missed break, as my driving lesson went through it. After the study period, double Maths. The teacher didn’t think I was behind, so that’s good.

Spent lunch in the library — needed peace and quiet.

The Music study afterwards was… interesting. The power had cut out in the Music tech room again, so I told my teacher, and me & the person I was with told a few people that needed telling. In the meantime, I went to the practice rooms, and talked about House Music. I went to Computer Science to print out some scores, and by that time, the electricity came back on, so I went back up to Music tech.

Pretended like I was working up there, when I was actually doing Maths work.

Maths, different teacher. She seemed to think I was doing sufficient work at home. Phew.

And Further Maths went well. No complaints.

Got home, dressed, and worked on my KTaNE mission / this site for the rest of the day. Probably should’ve done Maths work instead. :P

MON / 11th of March, 2024

School again. Yaaaaaay.

Two periods of Further Maths with different teachers, to start. Further Maths 1, we did centre of mass by integration. Further Maths 2, we did integration of fractions, using recognition and such.

Study, during which I worked on this site.

Spent break with my main friend group. Careers afterwards, and we took a look at what’s on the student loan application form. Then, double Computer Science.

Lunch with main friend group, more study, double Music — doing more composition. I think it’s coming along nicely.

Home, dressed, out to my autism group. Party, today! We got pizza, and Pringles, and fizzy drinks... :3

We designed bunting, and I made myself a crown, with hand-drawn pictures of Ghost on each of the spikes! We also played Pass the Parcel, with little “challenges” in-between layers. Mine was “Pass the parcel to someone of the opposite sex”… I passed it to a guy, before everyone got confused, and I gave up trying to be subtle by giving it to a girl :P

’Twas good, though! I think that person who started ignoring me has stopped.

Afterwards, I made a KTaNE mission called Solo Blitz — sequence bombs with fast-paced solos, under strict time limits.

Also I’m sorry I haven’t been keeping up with these recaps, I don’t really have much motivation to do them right now.

SUN / 10th of March, 2024

SAT / 9th of March, 2024

FRI / 8th of March, 2024

(Unfinished: spent lunch with main friend group)

THU / 7th of March, 2024

(Unfinished: spent lunch with M)

WED / 6th of March, 2024

(Unfinished: spent lunch with main friend group)

TUE / 5th of March, 2024

(Unfinished: spent lunch with M)

MON / 4th of March, 2024

Back to school again. Ughh.

Double study, to start — I did some homework that needed done for today, and studied for a test next period.

Music, next. Got 75% in the test — not bad. We started a weird piece by Copland — I Bought Me A Cat. It, uh. What. Listen to it for yourself, it’s weird.

Spent break with C, and she was helping decorate the library. Not really eventful.

Back to Music for another period, and finished the piece we started earlier.

Survived more Computer Science. Starting to fall really, really far behind.

Had a nice lunch with my main friend group! It was just the three of us, so I was more easily able to socialise.

Further Maths, after lunch. Not too bad, doing more integration — reduction formulae.

Another Further Maths period, with a different teacher. We’re doing 3D vectors in mechanics. It’s quite simple.

Then, Maths, last period. More integation — namely, even and odd powers of sine and cosine.

Got back, took a five minute nap. Got ready for my autism group, and left again.

It was arts and crafts, today. Everything went fine! I think the person who caused me trouble last week is starting to stop ignoring me. Question mark.

Made a Mother’s Day card, and a cool bracelet! (See my Transition Blog, for images of the bracelet.) Started another replay of Professor Layton and the Spectre’s Call — I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve replayed it. Probably 10, by this point :)

Got back, spent the rest of the day chilling.

SUN / 3rd of March, 2024

Slept in until 11am — needed it :)

Most of today has been site development. My head’s beginning to hurt — I really need a break from the computer.

I really should’ve done school work today, although I have two study periods immediately in the morning, so I should be fine.

SAT / 2nd of March, 2024

Orchestra, as usual. Did a bit of jigsaw-solving afterwards, before I had to get changed into my uniform for a concert.

Beforehand, there were rehearsals. I sat playing the first bit of Last Window — the sequel to Hotel Dusk. Suuuuch a visual upgrade. Anyway.

We were on first, and everything went great! We ended with a surprise tune — the Hokey Cokey! The whole audience got up to do the actions along with it, which is surprising, since they were all old people. :)

After that, we got served food (the best bit of the whole thing), which was chicken skewers, sausage roll bites and sandwiches. I had six sausage rolls, two skewers, and two sandwiches — double what I was meant to have eaten :}

Sorta chilled, for the rest of it. Decided to start another playthrough of Professor Layton and the Spectre’s Call, but we were leaving then, so I stopped.

Mum got some coffee beans, which we’ll try later.

FRI / 1st of March, 2024

Woke up fairly early. Had Computer Science first three periods, and worked on my HLA application. Managed to submit it before the 1pm deadline. Phew.

Bought a jambon for break, as they’re less crumby than sausage rolls. Spent break with my main friend group.

Maths went okay, but the teacher complained that I was behind, even though she didn’t yesterday, and I did tons of work that evening. Weird, but everything went fine.

Handed in my homework for my other Maths teacher. I had missed some classes on Wednesday and Thursday, and of course those days were when my teacher decided to introduce a new topic. Probability. Fun. Didn’t understand any of it. :)

Spent the following Maths study not doing Maths work. :D

Was going to spend lunch with M, but he wasn’t in, so I spent it with one of my main friends, who was hanging with some lower sixth students. Was okay.

Last period of the day: Music. We did some composition, and I managed to get quite a lot done! Yay!

Went home, kinda lounged for a bit before my hair appointment at 4pm. Got the usual cut.

Spent the rest of the day working on this site! I’ve had a huge hiatus, and need to pick up the unfinished Daily Recaps again. [At the time of writing, SAT 24th - THU 29th are unfinished.]

THU / 29th of February, 2024

Double Music, doing more Simple Gifts. Maths, doing more integration. Two study periods — I worked on my website during that time. Double Further Maths — more Centre of Mass. Double Computer Science, going over stuff we did at AS Level. Mehhhhh.

Spent lunch with my normal friend group. Chamber Choir was off, so I went home at my usual time.

Sorta lounged, all day. Tried to be productive, but got bored. I think it’s burnout.

WED / 28th of February, 2024

Not a particularly interesting day. Double Further Maths, doing integation by parts. Double Maths, doing probability. Double Music, doing Simple Gifts by Copland. All went okay.

Spent lunch with M, and had sign language. Did some programming, and went to band practice. It was a bit boring, though there was a box of Celebrations being passed around, though, so that was nice.

TUE / 27th of February, 2024

Double Computer Science, to start the day — mehhh. Did Wordles to pass the time.

Study. Uneventful. Break. Uneventful. More study. Uneventful.

Maths went fine. More integration. It was kinda fun :D

Lunch — spent it with my normal friend group.

Spent my Music study period in Music tech, composing. My other Maths class went fine, and so did the Further Maths after it — we’re doing integration by parts.

Spent the rest of the day on the computer.

MON / 26th of February, 2024

School, as usual. Two Further Maths periods in the morning, followed by a study period.

Didn’t buy break. Spent my time with my main friend group.

Careers class was as boring as always, and I had another Computer Science period to survive (which I did).

Spent lunch with M. C was with her boyfriend, and couldn’t come.

Another study, then two periods of Music. We probably did some composition.

Got home, got ready for my autism group that I was leaving for shortly. Got to the dropoff point, got onto the minivan, and over to our destination this evening.

It was cookery, this week — we made spaghetti bolognese, and it was actually okay! Not amazing, though, we could’ve done a bit better. I’m thankful that they provided the ingredients for us, though! :D

Was really lonely, throughout. Cried on the bus home. Thankfully, my mood was lifted before I went home, though — I got into a relationship! Not disclosing details, all you need to know is it’s a healthy relationship.

SUN / 25th of February, 2024

Did more Morsel development today. Not much else, as far as I can recall.

SAT / 24th of February, 2024

Orchestra, this morning! Didn’t buy my usual apple juice, to save money.

Afterwards, I had a little bit of time at home, before I had to go to a practice session for a prize night I have to play at, next Saturday. Kinda wanted to go home, but at least there was tea there. I think I went to McDonald’s afterwards? Can’t remember.

Continued developing Morsel. Nothing special.

FRI / 23rd of February, 2024

The day started with single Music, and we did a test? I think? Unsure.

Study, then single Computer Science. Managed that, unscathed.

Can’t remember who I spend break with. I think it was my main friend group, and we were outside, in the (surprising) sun.

Double Further Maths was fun! We started integration by parts, and it’s sooo cool!! :D

Then, double Maths. It’s going the same as usual, and is also integration. Inbetween the two periods was lunch, which I think I spend with M? Can’t remember very well.

Got to leave early, for home study!

Started developing a module called Morsel, based on the Wordle variant of the same name. It looks great!

THU / 22nd of February, 2024

A little late, again.

Had study, first period — did a bunch of Wordle variants. Was out at rehearsals for period 2 [Chamber Choir] and was at Maths for period 3.

After break, I had double Music, but the Music teacher was going over individual performances for the concert this evening, so we did some composition, instead.

After that was a period of Further Maths. Surprise test! Did pretty badly.

Spent lunch with my usual friend group. After that, I had three periods of practice for the concert, this evening. Got to miss class! :D

Got home, didn’t get dressed as I needed my uniform for tonight. Lounged until it was time to go to the concert.

We went early, so I could have a practice run of the accordion duet I’d be doing later.

Orchestra was on first, and we did quite well! Then there was a rap, and then I was on for Deidre’s Lament. Immediately afterwards was the accordion duet.

Have to say, I was really, really nervous. Probably because everything was so close together. But I pulled through! Got myself a cup of black tea (there was no milk yet), and worked on a new page for this site.

Took a few biscuits, during the interval, and kept doing what I was doing, until Chamber Choir was on. We did very well!

The assembly hall was very warm, and I remember going outside a few times, trying to shed heat. :)

WED / 21st of February, 2024

Was a little late to school, as usual. The only class I had today was Music, and I got to chill for two periods beforehand.

Finished the third movement of the Three Dance Suites. Then, had a practice with two other performers, for Deidre’s Lament — I was playing the violin.

Had a violin lesson in the middle of the practice, and went over everything with her. Got it to a reasonable level.

Went to the shop, with M, at lunch. C was out of school for a bit, but would be back for BSL.

We watched more sign language videos, in BSL, and looked at some Ace Attorney stuff.

Got home, did some programming. I think, anyway. Got out of band practice, because I had to get coursework done.

TUE / 20th of February, 2024

Back to school. Ugh.

Woke up a bit late today, but all was fine. Had Computer Science first two periods, and we’re learning Assembly language. It’s actually quite cool! :D

Single Music. Got tests back, did a bit of the third movement from Bernstein’ Three Dance Suites. Had “written paper” in my planner, which I interpreted as “there will be a written test in class”, but apparently, when I wrote it, I meant “do the written paper in your folder over half-term”, so I’ve got it to do for tomorrow. That’s okay, I’ve got two studies to do it in, and the teacher understood.

I showed the teacher the autograph, but she wasn’t as impressed as I thought. Still thought it was cool, though.

Break went well. I got a sausage roll, and had a chat with C and M.

Double Further Maths was fine, albeit a little boring, and I had a low test result to look at (69%). Same with Careers. Felt I socialised well, at lunch! :D

Double Maths was okay, although I’m a little more behind than I thought. Then, I had a Music study. During these three periods, I felt really lightheaded and dizzy, and in Music I actually collapsed. Thought it was low blood pressure.

Orchestra went well! We’re practicing stuff for the Spring concert.

Got home, sat watching YouTube for two hours. Needed it, was burnt out.

Then, I watched someone in the KTaNE server learning how to do modded modules. He’s a nice guy!

Checked my blood pressure, needing to use the batteries in the TV remote to do so. 126/80, so it wasn’t blood pressure causing my collapse.

Did my DS stuff, and wrote up yesterday’s Daily Recap. Or, as much as I can remember. :>

MON / 19th of February, 2024

forgot to do this one yesterday oops

Sorta chilled, today. Can’t remember anything significant, except that I added four operations to Number Cruncher. Went to bed at 2am. Sob.

Oh yeah, I had the autism group today, too. We went to the fire station, and it was a great trip! Got to see around all the engines, and inside of them. Went to McDonald’s afterwards. Enjoyed myself quite a bit!

SUN / 18th of February, 2024

Did some SoloRYAN attempts today! Got 53/59 solves, and can definitely get the record if I do it strikeless.

That was most of today. Spent some time watching OneTopic on YouTube, and spent some time adding a few operations to Number Cruncher [KTaNE module].

Might’ve done more today, but can’t remember. It’s 1:22am, and I procrastinated writing this again today. :)

SAT / 17th of February, 2024

Didn’t manage to get a Daily Recap done yesterday, as I went to bed at 2am and literally couldn’t, so I’ll do it now. This’ll be a long one :)

Woke up at 6am, to get ready to leave the house at 7am, for an accordion contest. Had breakfast, brushed my teeth, sorted out casual clothes, got into my band uniform, brought my 2DS & headphones, and left.

We went to someone else’s house to pick them up, to save petrol. Everything was crammed into the car, including us. The boot was full to the brim with accordions and bags. It was comfy, though!

Got to the hotel we were doing the contest in, and heaved the accordions from the car into the venue. Was a mighty task. We left the bags, because we didn’t need them.

Moved the accordions into one of the practice rooms, and I chilled until our small group playing the Godfather waltz / theme were on. Sat on my phone, looking at trans memes. Egg.

We were on, and I wasn’t too nervous. We did great! I only made a few minor mistakes, and covered them up quite well.

Went back to lounging. Got my DS from the car, and played through a good chunk of Hotel Dusk! I think I did Chapter 8.

The whole band was on for the sacred march section, playing Melrose. We did quite well! Unbeknownst to my mum, I was adding chords, to help out.

Got a cheeseburger and chips for lunch! Got some salt and vinegar with it too. It was very, very good. But also, very, very expensive. £8 for a burger and chips. Wat.

Back to lounging, and more Hotel Dusk!

One more performance! This time, playing two tunes: Moore Street and The Chieftan, as test piece & own choice. Both went great!

And one more long bout of Hotel Dusk before the massed band, which was happening 2h 30mins from our last performance. This time, I got up to the escape room bit in Chapter 10, before getting stuck. Am still stuck. :)

The massed band was… interesting. It was very, VERY loud, as there were loads of accordion players in the same room, but there were sooooo many mistakes, because nobody could hear themselves. I’ll attribute half of those mistakes to one band in particular :}

After that, I got changed into my normal clothes, and went to the hotel’s restaurant, for a bite to eat. I got the Penne Pasta, as it was vegetarian, and healthy!

The couple behind us was having their order taken, but I noticed something about them. They were signing in BSL! So I went over to them to sign hello, and we had a nice chat!

The husband gave me his business card, and my mum noticed something. He’s the guy who made the clock sitting on our piano! What a coincidence!

The food was very, very good.

Ordered a few ginger ale & limes for me, my brother, and another guy in the band, for the prize night. They had some accordion playing and singing beforehand, and then it was time to give out prizes.

We fared quite well! The Godfather programme came first in its group, although we were its only competitors. We also won own choice!

Chilled in a lobby, while the dance afterwards was happening. Wanted to watch YouTube, but my brother saw my recommendations. Furry and trans stuff. Thankfully, he hasn’t caught on what I am, but he did insist on seeing more recommendations, which made me VERY uncomfortable.

A conversation was happening over at the bar, and I heard the word Beoga come up. They’re a band I studied for GCSE Music! Turns out, one of the guys at the bar is from Beoga! His name’s Liam.

He was HAMMERED, though. So, so drunk. Falling over himself. Regardless, I asked for an autograph, and he managed to give me one. Had to write it twice, as he messed the first one up, and wrote half of the second on the table. Planning on giving my Music teacher the autograph, as a gift!

He left for a little while, and so I sat on my phone for a little bit. But, he came back in… with the right side of his head covered in blood. Didn’t seem to be in pain, though. Must have been too drunk to care.

He got First Aid, obviously. I think he must have fallen over, and cracked his skull open. Poor guy.

Anyway, I ordered one more ginger ale & lime for me and my brother, and got into the car. Two of our accordions were put into another band member’s car earlier, as we needed to fit five people into ours, but we still had a lot to put into the car. So much so, that the boot was completely full, afterwards. And it’s a big boot, too.

Someone from another band needed to get home, but had no way to do so, and she was sat crying. Felt bad for her, but there was nothing we could do, as she already called a taxi, so we drove back.

Got home at around 2am. Immediately went to bed. Was very, very tired, it was a very long day. =w=

FRI / 16th of February, 2024

Did some more calling, and am getting places! Now, I have a number for a sexual health clinic, which has advisors I can talk to. Didn’t manage to get one today, as I was having phone issues, but I should be able to contact them on Monday! Things are moving!!

Dedicated most of today to practicing the SoloRYAN.

Had to go to band practice on short notice, and it went fine. Writing this up earlier than usual tonight, because I need to go to bed early tonight, because of a contest tomorrow that I need to get up at 6am for. =w=

Not much happened today. :)

THU / 15th of February, 2024

I set an alarm last night, to wake me up for my driving lesson at 9:30am (the alarm was set for 8:00am), and it wasn’t too bad! A little stressful, though, I’m not good with alarms.

Played a little KTaNE, before having breakfast (made myself porridge) and a cup of tea. Was a few minutes late for the lesson, but so was my instructor. :)

Can’t say it was an enjoyable lesson, though, I was being stretched to my limits, and was very, very stressed. Braking is my biggest issue, I tend to brake either too hard or too soft, as the pedal is so sensitive.

Got home, played more KTaNE to relax. Learning the modules on the SoloRYAN, and it’s a bit daunting, honestly.

Solved another jigsaw! This time, it was my gift to my friend from yesterday :D

Played Challenge & Contact [talking game] for a good while! Had fun, although there was a small amount of bickering between the other two players. Nothing major, though.

Watched some YouTube, to end the night.

WED / 14th of February, 2024

Woke up earlier than usual, today. Played some KTaNE, had breakfast.

Me and two other people did a practice run for the Nicoturion [KTaNE mission], and it’s definitely doable! :D

Had two sandwiches for lunch. My usual cheese & mayo sandwich, and a sausage and egg one!

Was quite bored for about an hour. Did some DS stuff, and watched YouTube.

After that, though, I solved a jigsaw on Tabletop Simulator, with one of my friends! It was really fun, and the image was personalised!

Then, band practice, followed by more Godfather theme practice, followed by my mum chatting until midnight, just like yesterday. Tired. =w=

TUE / 13th of February, 2024

Woke up earlier than usual, called the health centre. Took 30 mins to get through, but once I did, I asked if they did HRT. Was told to ask my GP. What a waste of half an hour.

Had the Monster from yesterday, then played some KTaNE, then had porridge for breakfast. Got told off for not making breakfast for my brother, and for not opening the blinds, and for not getting my brother dressed, and…

Went to the shopping centre to both drop off my brother and meet up with a friend! We went to Subway, and had a walk. Walked 6k!

Got back, and worked on Limbo Keys. Managed to finish it, and it’s out now! :D

Went to a piano lesson, and was really tired. Brain fog, and stuff. Struggled, but got through it.

MON / 12th of February, 2024

sorryyyyyyy i forgot to do this yesterday

Not a very nice day. Uploaded the KTaNE kerfuffle video, went to the pool, reapplied my nail polish, and went to the autism group. I had bought a Monster Energy, but forgot to bring it with me.

Unrelated — felt awful. Like, tears level of awful. Nobody noticed, though — it was only on the bus. It was sparked by one of my close friends there suddenly hating me, and ignoring me.

Then, I went to band practice. At the end, my mum and two other people sat talking about Northern Irish politics for hours. Like, actual hours — they started at 10pm or so, and stopped at midnight. Ughhhhh.

So, it was a late night.

SUN / 11th of February, 2024

Not much of interest happened today. I spent half of the day playing KTaNE, and the other half making an objection.lol out of a particularly kerfuffly kerfuffle in the KTaNE Discord server. Might remember more tomorrow, it’s 1am and I’m tired and wanna go to bed.

SAT / 10th of February, 2024

Orchestra, this morning! The usual.

Me and mum went to collect my suit trousers (they were adjusted, as they were too long). Dad was going out to play at a darts match, so we didn’t have time to go somewhere for lunch.

We got home, and I did some chatting on Discord. Euphoria! :D

Me and my siblings had be babysat, as my parents were going to a comedy show for their 25th wedding anniversary! That meant I could turn on my webcam on Discord calls, without being told off. :)

The rest of the evening was pretty uneventful — I watched someone play Case 3 from Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations. Plenty of weenies. :3

Procrastinated typing this up, and now my parents are back. Had a pretty close call — my mum was checking my computer, and almost opened a tab with the demigirl pride flag in it. (• w •)””

FRI / 9th of February, 2024

Woke up… kinda on time for school? Question mark?

Computer Science, first three. Had huge dysphoria, but had a chat with a councillor and everything was okay. Bumped the mark on my Discussion document up to 4/5. :D

Break was fine. Maybe.

After that, two Maths periods, and a Maths study. Everything went fine, except for the fact that I missed a driving lesson, because the instructor booked it for 12:45, not 2:45. Didn’t wanna tell my parents, so I concocted a master plan, which I’ll get to soon!

It was a half day, so I went home. Chilled for an hour, and the time came for what would’ve been my driving lesson. I went outside to “wait’ on my driving instructor, and after a few minutes, walked over to the Boots in Rushmere to buy clear nail polish. Was super nervous, but everything worked out!

After that, I went to Starbucks for a coffee. Wanted to apply my nail polish there, but it smelled really, really strongly, so I did it in the bathroom instead. Did an okay job! My left hand is woeful at it, though, so my right hand is a little worse than the left. But not by much!

Went back home, and my lie passed successfully. Phew. I’ve now got gorgeous nails!! Squeeeee!!

Did some more work on Limbo Keys — it’s nearly ready for release!

Had another meeting with the transphobic and racist organisation that I’m in. Boring as hell, but I got a cuppa at the end, so.

THU / 8th of February, 2024

Majorly slept in today, but got to school on time anyway.

Music, first two. First period was a test, second period was a test. The teacher had to go for an ear exam during period 2, so we got subbed. She can’t hear in one of her ears — a Music teacher’s worst nightmare.

Maths was fine. Uneventful. So was break.

Two study periods, next, and I lounged a bit. My second period was meant to be in the Sixth Form Common Room, but it was being used to store props and costumes for the school play (which is Our Town). One of my friends autism-ranted about Transformers model kits, and was split between buying two. It was engaging to listen to!

I had a Further Maths test next, and it went mostly okay, but I couldn’t get the final part of the final question, which pissed me off a little. Inbetween the two periods that we did the test in was lunch, which was also uneventful, although I saw one of my classmates cheating. Didn’t rat on them. :)

After that, two periods of Computer Science. They were boring as hell, we basically did nothing.

Chamber Choir was fine, but not many attended. I waited for a little bit afterwards, because it finished earlier than I thought it would.

Went home, hopped onto a call with someone, and watched a jigsaw tournament!

Me and my mum went to an informational event about Higher Level Apprenticeships, and got a bunch of free stuff! :D

Then, we went to a band practice… thing. It was… meh. There was tea afterwards, though.

WED / 7th of February, 2024

Slept in a little, and went to school.

I had Further Maths, first two periods, and it was fine, I guess. More inverse trig. Yaaaaay.

Next period was Maths, and it was also fine. Managed to lie successfully that I had done the work! :D

Break was okay, the usual. I had a second period of Maths after break, with the same teacher, and kept working.

Double Music, after that. Did some composition, and things went well. Got a few more bars added.

Lunch was okay, too. Un-noteworthy, though.

We learned a bunch of new words in BSL class today! I can now call people stupid. :}

I watched an Ace Attorney video together with M, and we enjoyed ourselves. Then, I went home.

Had another counselling session on Childline, and it helped a little bit. Did some art, and more gender research.

Went to band practice. Nothing interesting really happened.

TUE / 6th of February, 2024

Woke up late, but not as badly as yesterday. Ate breakfast! :D

I had Computer Science first two periods, and it was pretty boring. We didn’t do very much.

After that, a study period, in which I did some homework. Break was pretty uneventful.

I went to a meeting for Mouse Music, to discuss what my house was gonna have on the programme. We’re still scrambling for ideas — we don’t have very many good performers in our house.

Two periods of Maths, and I somehow managed to convince the teacher that I was further on than I was. :)

After that, lunch! I watched Ace Attorney videos, and had fun.

Music study — I did some stuff on TrevorSpace.

Another Maths period. Functions. Bleh.

And Further Maths, last period. I had a homework to hand in, but it wasn’t finished, so I’ve been given an extra day to submit it. Phew.

The hall was being used for the school play, so orchestra was in the Music room today. We were all crammed in, the room is tiny. Not good for violinists.

Got home and dressed, chatted on Discord for a little while. Dedicated most of today to researching gender identity and such.

Chatted with a counsellor from Childline about it, online. It was quite a good session! Got a lot off my chest.

Oh, and it wouldn’t be a Daily Recap without procrastination. :)

MON / 5th of February, 2024

Ummm, so. Big news.

After the panic attack, and events described yesterday, I went to bed, and had what I think was a wave of testosterone. I just… felt horrible. Like my body wasn’t mine, anymore. I resorted to what I used to be like before my transition — hurling insults at myself, and… some unsavoury thoughts about my living status. It was bad.

That meant I didn’t get any sleep, and I slept in this morning. Missed breakfast, didn’t brush my teeth, still felt awful.

I had Further Maths first period, and second period with a different teacher. Both times, I felt really out of place, and had to act like I was okay. Everything was just so dark.

Thankfully, things began to fade during study, period 3, as I researched hormone replacement therapy, and after a consult with C and M at break, I felt reasonably back on form.

Careers was boring.

Managed to survive double Computer Science, again. I need to submit my final Developmental Testing document by Friday, so I hope I can manage that.

Spent lunch with my usual friend group. Forgot to eat lunch. :)

Went to Music Tech after lunch, and had double Music afterwards. Realised that I forgot to eat my lunch then, and ate it during class.

Got home, dressed, and out for my autism group. I’ll call the person I keep bringing up in this group J, from now on.

Today was mindfulness-themed, and we did some colouring, meditation, yoga, the works. I also did a bit of homework. Me and J were chatting the whole time, and we’re great friends now! They made me feel more comfortable, after I told them what happened the night before, and it was such a relief to get it off my chest.

After that, my accordion group practiced The Godfather theme at my place. I made tea for a few people, and it was a nice time.

SUN / 4th of February, 2024

Slept in! Felt good. I think.

Added the rest of the autosolver, but it’s got a few quirks that need ironed out.

I can’t really remember what happened after that. I do remember talking to some folks on Discord, though.

Received some Ghost fan art, here it is! It’s so cool, and so is the person who made it. :3

Click to enlarge.

Had a panic attack. Yaaaaaaaayyyyy!!

Also, continued to procrastinate over school work, even though it’s due very very soon oh my God please finish the work pleeeeeaaaaassseeeee-

SAT / 3rd of February, 2024

Woke up for orchestra. It was pretty uneventful, and I got the usual vegan sausage roll and apple juice. Yum.

7 hours of free time! Went with Mum to a coffee shop — I tried out a Cortado, while she got the usual Flat White. Never had one before, but it’s good! They served our drinks in glass cups :D

We got home, and I worked on Golf Solitaire, adding logging and some Twitch Plays support. Still adding the autosolver.

Tonight was Burns night, so my accordion band went to play some tunes as a celebration. I was bored, until they served food. Got to try haggis for the first time, and it’s surprisingly good!

Got home (again), and spent the rest of the day talking to people on Discord.

FRI / 2nd of February, 2024

Woke up reasonably early, but my Dad thought I was late downstairs anyway. Ugh.

I had Music, first period, and it went okay. Not noteworthy, though.

I went to Computer Science, instead of study, to do more coursework. That increased my working time in school to one hour, which was far from enough. Figured I could complete the rest at home, though.

Didn’t buy anything for break. Felt a little left out.

We had a talk during period 4, about the dangers of vaping. It was quite effective, although they used an image a few times that I thought went against their whole campaign. It was an anti-vaping ad that made itself look like a vaping ad, but at a distance, it looks like it’s just advertising vapes, instead, so.

Period 5: Further Maths, reviewing homework and starting differentiation of inverse trig functions. It went okay, but I’m disappointed with the 70% I got in the homework.

Period 6: Maths. I had an unexpected test, and I think I did quite well. Unsure, though — the last question had some weird answers.

Only one of my friends was there at lunch, as the others were at Book Club. We had a nice conversation! :D

The second period of that Maths class was integration with logs, and it went okay. I need to get caught up with the questions, though. Went home early, as the rest of the day was study.

Got home, straight into coursework. Was very stressed. Found out that the deadline was two hours later than I thought, though. Phew.

…Oh, what’s that? I have a hair appointment today? …Oh.

The hair appointment lasted for an hour, so I had an hour left to work on coursework, before the deadline. Aaaaaaand... I didn’t make it. I was almost out of time, so I threw all of my screenshots into the document and prayed that I could submit the finished version later. Work couldn’t be submitted after the due date, so I can’t update it, unless I write a comment under the assignment, with a link to the final version. Aaaargh.

Went out with my Mum to get a Chinese. I got a chicken curry, and it was quite good! I also got a bubble milk tea with it, which I’d never tried before, and it tasted great! Went well with the curry, it was quite spicy.

Got home, and worked on Limbo Keys again, and also did a little Neocities socialising. Stayed up until midnight.

Not looking forward to tomorrow, I have to wear an uncomfortable uniform and go to a social event. Uggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

THU / 1st of February, 2024

Almost forgot to do a daily recap today >-<;

Woke up, went to school. Felt awful, as I had a stressful identity crisis the day before.

There was assembly this morning, about student accomodation and real estate, etc. Pretty boring, but I learned a few things.

I was in the Sixth Form Common Room first period, and I had a choice. Either do Maths homework for one class, or Maths homework for another. I had no study periods for the rest of the day.

I decided to do a mixture of both, doing some questions from both classes, so I couldn’t be told I didn’t do any work. It didn’t matter, neither teacher checked my work. Woo?

Break time. I bought a sausage roll, and met with someone in my [school] house to talk about an act in this year’s House Music, which I’m partially captaining! We’re gonna do an accordion duet, and we discussed choice of tune.

Next was double Music, and I got a headache. It was pretty meh, we finished what we did last time, and started the second movement.

The headache raged on, into Further Maths! Uggggggghhhhhhhhh. Was painful, to say the least. The class would’ve been fine, if it weren’t for the headache. We’re doing more of Maclaurin’s Theorem.

Lunch rolls around, and the headache remains. I went to meet up with C, and M [the other person I met last Friday] was also in school, today. The weather was nice, so we went to the filling station to buy stuff. I got a Pipeline Punch Monster, and it cured my headache, somehow!

The chippy was crowded with students. It’s teeny-weeny. :P

We got back just before the bell indicating lunch was over, and we parted ways. I went to a second Further Maths class.

Circular Motion made its triumphant return. Woo, my least favourite topic. At least it’s combined with a topic I actually like (Centre of Mass), so.

And double Computer Science, to finish. It was... fine. Just a tad boring.

Not many people went to Chamber Choir, today. It’s started finishing earlier, though, which is good.

Got home, watched a bunch of YouTube on my bed. Eventually went downstairs, and started doing coursework. Have been doing coursework since.


WED / 31st of January, 2024

Woke up late, again.

Got out of school for a driving lesson, first thing. It went quite well! Didn’t do anything majorly wrong.

Got back to school, and went to Music class. We’ve done the start of the first movement of Bernstein’s collection of dance suites from On the Town, and it’s great! Very dissonant.

Break goes like normal, but one of the two people from Monday (gonna call her C from now on) asked if I wanted to go where we went last Friday. I agreed.

After another Music period, I go to a violin lesson. We’re learning Meditation from Thais, and it’s going really well! A lot of shifting of position — I’m glad we did the Bach Double first.

I caught the tail-end of a study, and went to lunch. As agreed, I met up with C, but it was raining, so we stayed in the Library. We chatted for a good while, and enjoyed ourselves.

Learned a lot in the BSL class after that! We learned some medical signs, and some LGBTQ+ signs!! Hell yeah!! Now I can sign my gender & sexuality!

Got home, dressed, etc. Chatted with a guy on Discord, and we roleplayed for fun. No real premise. Had loads of fun :)

Band practice tonight went okay. I got a little bit of homework done.

TUE / 30th of January, 2024

Woke up early, had a weird dream. Went to school, music-essay-less, as I didn’t get it done last night.

Although… we were being covered for Computer Science, first two periods, so I got it done then. Phew. The class was a load of nothing, though.

Music class, and we had two tests that I did alright in. The information was still fresh in my head from writing the essay :>

Didn’t buy break today, to save money. All good.

Double Further Maths went by okay. Managed to conceal the fact that I was behind by getting help for one of the questions in the new topic. I’m so cool.

Careers was pretty boring, though. Meh.

We got out early today, though, which was definitely a needed break. I’ve got four study periods tomorrow, too, so I’m excited for that.

Got home, got dressed, had instant noodles for lunch. They were quite good, actually. My bird had some, and jumped onto the plate. Ate it anyway, who cares.

Logged onto all my DS stuff. Felt a bit gender... something, so I did a bunch of quizzes, and got androgynous for most of them. See Transition Log for details.

Kinda lounged for the rest of the day, can’t remember. I had piano practice, but that went pretty uneventfully.

MON / 29th of January, 2024

School went okay, this morning. Was kinda boring, though. Classes were okay, and break was uneventful. I got to meet up with the two peeps from last Friday, in the library, which was cool. One was practicing for her driving theory test today, doing hazard perception examples.

I’m lagging behind with homework and coursework, so I need to get caught up again. Don’t want a repeat of last year.

Got home, got dressed, went to my autism group. Today was team-building day, and we did some fun stuff. I got to make a crossword for the others to solve, and made a scavenger hunt, too. Good times.

Cuddled with said person from last Monday. :}

From there, I logged onto my DS stuff, and did some violin practice. Tried to apply to a course offered by the SRC, but the website is completely busted, so no dice. Might have to go to uni, if it won’t let me apply for a Higher Level Apprenticeship.

Aaaaand writing an essay last-minute. Told you I’m behind :D

SUN / 28th of January, 2024

Slept in, this morning. Don’t worry, I was allowed to.

Worked on Golf Solitaire until around 4pm, then went to the pool. Nothing particularly interesting happened.

Got back, did more programming.

Found my New 2DS XL wasn’t working, but the problem seemed to fix itself. It was a little scary, but all is okay now.

Played SSBU with my younger brother. Choice of Pringles this time was the spicy sour cream & onion flavour, with Diet Pepsi, some scrambled egg and onion sandwiches, and an Aero bar I bought at the pool. Had fun. May have been accused of cheating.

After that, I watched someone play the new Apollo Justice trilogy. The first case of AJ is sooo goood. Mmmm.

Should’ve been doing coursework, though. Didn’t. Eek.

SAT / 27th of January, 2024

A relatively uneventful day. Went to orchestra, and we did some pieces, the usual. Break was 10 mins longer today, as the brass section needed to practice Fanfare for the Common Man. Went down to the Bravo Tango coffee place and got me a Mocha (for free, I had a filled-in loyalty card). It was quite good, but far too hot, and I ended up scalding my mouth a little. It’s fine now.

Orchestra wrapped up, and I got collected. Me and my mum went to Tim Horton’s for lunch, just because. It was nice! Then we went shopping, and I got a suit, as I didn’t have one, and I needed it for interviews, etc.

At Tim Horton’s, my mum said some gossip that summarises to “Your Dad is saying that [aunt] is encouraging him to divorce, and [aunt] is saying that Dad says he wants a divorce”, or something like that. Messy stuff, but it does sound like Dad wants a divorce. They had a fight tonight, but I’ll get to that.

We got home, and I watched a bit of YouTube. I found this channel called “sum”, and watched a boatload of their videos. They’re really cute. :3

Then, I programmed for the rest of the day, working on a module called Golf Solitaire. It’s coming along very nicely.

An argument broke out between my Mum and Dad, tonight. I didn’t hear much of it, but I heard Dad storming out of the Sunroom, saying something along the lines of “She doesn’t like me. She hates me.”

Jesus Christ.

FRI / 26th of January, 2024

Went to school (got up late again this morning). Had three periods of Computer Science class to survive, and managed, somehow. Phew.

Break went pretty well! I felt like I fit into the conversation. Can’t remember what we were talking about, though. It mustn’t have mattered.

Maths class #1: Before class, I met a fellow autist, who I knew. I found out that she was into Ace Attorney, and we were gonna have a conversation about it, but she got really mad at someone for staring at her, so I just... slipped out of the situation, and went to class. More integration, this time integration of ex, etc. Went okay.

Maths class #2: Said person from before Maths class #1 was talking to the teacher, upset over something. Probably what happened last period. The class itself was fine, we’re starting functions.

Maths study. Did neither Maths nor study. Website time. Woo.

Lunch comes around, and usually, I spend my Fridays alone, as my other friends are all in Book Club. This time, though, two people from my BSL class walk over, and ask if I want to walk to the nearest EUROSPAR and buy stuff. I said I didn’t have money, but they kindly offered to buy me stuff, so I said yes, and we set off.

They were very friendly, and easy to chat with. When I brought up that I was agender, and using they / them pronouns, one of the two looked quite surprised, and said that he was trans too! That was cool, so we talked about our gender identities, until we made it to the SPAR. I got a mango-flavoured Monster, and we started walking back.

3DS modding came up, and I mentioned that I had the Ace Attorney games from the first to Spirit of Justice, and the Investigations games. The same guy who said he was trans said that he was a fan of Ace Attorney, too! We have a load in common. So we talked about Ace Attorney for a while, until we made it back to school. I felt bad for the other person there, having to listen to our autism rants. :)

That person had a panic attack, though, so we calmed her down, and said goodbye to each other as we went to class. She said she had work that day, in Home Bargains, and I asked if we could meet up over there, and she said yes! So I had that to look forward to.

Music class wasn’t too bad, today. We’re doing something by Bernstein, from On the Town. Very jazzy, and fun.

Got home, watch YouTube for a while, then left for the shopping centre the Home Bargains is in. She wasn’t there, though, so I wandered about, and went to Waterstones, and back.

I feel a tap on my shoulder. It’s her! She was also looking for me.

So we chat, and decide to go browsing for shops, first. We find a MINISO — a shop I’ve always wanted to browse, but couldn’t, because of social norms. It was fine with her, though. We looked at some stuff in the shop, and I found an axolotl plush that I wanted. At first, though, I didn’t want to buy it, as my parents might see it in my room. But I eventually folded, and bought it, and a mango drink that was surprisingly good.

We then went to Subway, and I got some cookies. There was a Home Bargains staff member there, by coincidence, and she knew them, so they had a brief exchange.

She had to go to work, after that, so we said goodbye, and parted.

I sat in my room for 10 or so minutes, trying to get the tags off of my new axolotl plush. I got the price tag off, but there was this little plastic tail inside the ear that wouldn’t come out, so I cut it as short as I could, and left it in. No harm.

I wanted to remove the other label, but didn’t know how to do so cleanly. It had a scissors line on it, but that’d leave label stubs that I didn’t want. I tried to cut the stitching attaching the label, but it didn’t work. (Don’t worry about the plushie, it wasn’t its stitching proper.) So I left it.

From then, I did some development on Limbo Keys. Signed into my Tomodachi Life and Devilish Brain Training at the last minute.

THU / 25th of January, 2024

Went to school (a little late this morning). The usual.

First two periods were Music, and the teacher was in today, but she was sick, and was coughing. Pretty boring lesson, honestly.

One period of Maths, and we did more recognition integration. I’m getting a little better at it.

Bought break, and went to hang around with my friends. One of the sick ones has recovered a little and came into school, but is still coughing. Something’s going around, and I’m probably gonna catch it.

The period after was a study, and I did a little website stuff. The period after that was in the Sixth Form Common room. I was meant to get that period to myself, but there was a flock of students hanging about there, probably skipping study or something.

Further Maths after that, and we did more centres of mass. It’s starting to get really difficult, aaaa.

Lunch felt really awkward. Any time a specific pair of my friends are both in school, this always happens, as they’re really close, and were friends through junior high school. I can never hook anything onto the conversation, as they were both talking about stuff I didn’t know anything about, and I felt like a jerk.

Another period of Further Maths. Uneventful.

And Computer Science, to top the day off. Boring as hell, we had to type up our own notes using a textbook. What a miserable day. No Chamber Choir, though, that’s a bonus.

Got home, got dressed, Neocities for the rest of the day. Severely procrastinating — as of writing, I have at most 1h 10mins to complete my very-unfinished prototype. Eek.

WED / 24th of January, 2024

Woke up, went to school. Was covered for the first two periods, and did some KTaNE write-ups in that time. Getting there.

Maths, doing more graph transformations. Had to get out five minutes early for a dentist appointment, and got my train track braces adjusted.

Got back to school, and continued with Maths. Then I had a Music double, but the teacher was off, so we did composition instead. I had a violin lesson in the middle, but getting out proved difficult — there were play rehearsals in the assembly hall, so I had to take a longer detour.

It was an enjoyable lesson! We’re learning movement 3 from Vivaldi’s Spring, and it’s going okay. My intonation has greatly improved this year, with all the vibrato and dynamics I’m doing.

Anyway, got back to music tech, but didn’t get any more composition done before lunch.

Lunch was good. I had a chat with two of my friends, and it was fun.

After lunch, I went to Games. Well, not really Games, per se — I’m learning BSL instead.

It went quite well, and we learned a bunch of common signs like “More” and “Thing”. The teacher is profoundly deaf, so it’s great practice. She’s really nice.

Got home, sat watching YouTube for a while. At around 6, I did a little coursework, but not much.

Then, me, my brother and my mum went to band practice. I did a little maths homework in that time, but I got stuck on a question, so gave up. It was kinda boring, and I’ve been writing this in-between tunes, hence the long time taken to write it.

TUE / 23rd of January, 2024

Doing today’s recap very late today, soz.

Woke up, went to school, etc. I had two periods of Computer Science first thing, and did a Maths homework in that time, because I forgot to do it the night before.

Got out of school to have a driving lesson. Did quite well! Just a bit shaky with the brakes, and tend to push them too hard. Reverse parked around a bend today. Didn’t crash.

Got back to school, and had a little bit of study time, sitting next to one of my friends. Did a smidgen of website development.

Double Maths; handed in the homework sheet, and all was good. Started a little recognition integration. Painful stuff.

Got lunch, then had a Music study period. Sat on my phone. Who cares, the teacher was sick, she didn’t know.

Maths again for a single, with my other teacher. We did curve transformations for a period. Bleh.

The Further Maths single after that was fine, though — we were being covered, so I did more website development. Woo.

Orchestra was cancelled, because the Music teacher was sick, so I went home at the usual time. Spent most of the rest of my day working on a collaboration module called Limbo Keys. It’s going well, and the animations are smooth as butter.

Did my Tomodachi Life / Devilish Brain Training routine, and played a little Hotel Dusk, but stopped when I made the wrong choice in a confrontation. Still on Chapter 7.

Did some late-night homework, and here I am, typing this summary up at 11:45pm. I really need to go to bed. Night. :)

MON / 22nd of January, 2024

Got up at 8, down and ready for school. Made myself breakfast, as there was none on the table, but checked the fridge afterwards and lo and behold, cereal. Ate the second bowl to cover my tracks, and that worked.

But I was still the only one up then. Weird. Did everyone forget? So I went to wake up Dad, and he said that school starts at 10 today, because of the storm. Oh.

Was gonna do coursework in the hour I had, but played TP KTaNE instead. :)

Anyway, I got registered in school and went to period 2, Further Maths. Except the teacher wasn’t there. Another Maths teacher offered to let me do work in her room instead, but I checked Classroom and it said I was being covered in the Library, so.

Two periods in the library go by, and I also helped with the librarian’s computer troubles. She’s not good with computers, but she’s very nice.

Break rolls around — I didn’t buy break because of the whole breakfast thing. Only one of the friends in my friend group was there, and we had a nice chat.

Careers class. Costs and debt. Exciting. Yawn.

And Computer Science class. Woo. I didn’t do much coursework this week. Woo. At least the teacher didn’t notice, so.

I got home, and went to the pool. Didn’t swim, just wanted to use the showers. Dad’s tight with his money, and all. While showering, I might’ve had body dysphoria? I dunno, my body looked all masculine, and I dunno if I liked it. Maybe, maybe not.

I got home again, and did a little programming, then left again to go to an ASD group. There’s this person there that I’m now good friends with, and we had some shenanigans. They wore my scarf as a headdress :}

We learned First Aid, etc. It’s been years since I’ve done the recovery position, so that was fun.

After that, me and my mum met with an accordion group to practice The Godfather theme, for the upcoming contest. It’s going quite well!

SUN / 21st of January, 2024

Slept until about 9am, and logged onto my Tomodachi Life and Devilish Brain Training, and did some programming.

Added some music to each page of my website — I saw another site do that (funkydealer.neocities.org) and wanted that on mine.

I developed a module called Golf Solitaire, where you play solitaire until you win. I still have to give it the ability to solve / reset, though.

Was gonna play a game of Blood on the Clocktower, but not enough people showed up, so it didn’t happen. Kinda glad — I had coursework to finish off.

School tomorrow. Not looking forward to it.

SAT / 20th of January, 2024

Orchestra this morning. We got a few new pieces to try out, and one of them was a medley of songs from Hairspray that sounded cool! We aren’t continuing with it, though.

Got home, did a little website development. A friend invited me to hang out with them, and I accepted, and we hung out for 2 hours or so. Had a lot of fun, too! Got some coffee, McNuggets and fries, although I didn’t feel too good after the McNuggets.

While that was happening, my brother got a wild cockatiel [bird]! He’s chirping away happily, now, and is < 6 months old. He’s adorable. :3

Got home, and have been working on the site until now. Finished adding all of the preview images for The Graveyard, and added them to the page.